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“One of the very best amateur groups in the country”

Classical Music Magazine

“The most professional-sounding of non-professional orchestras”

The Sunday Telegraph

“Kensington Symphony Orchestra once again scores over most professional orchestras”

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Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsen (1865-1931)

KSO performance history

An Imaginary Journey to the Faroe Islands    2016-17 Season
Clarinet Concerto    1990-91 Season
Helios Overture    1997-98 Season
Overture: Maskerade    1992-93 Season
Symphony No. 2    2013-14 Season
Symphony No. 3    1993-94 Season
Symphony No. 4    2009-10 Season
1999-2000 Season
Symphony No. 5    1995-96 Season
Symphony No. 6    2016-17 Season
The Sleep (Søvnen)    1957-58 Season